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Commercial insurance, also sometimes known as business insurance, is a way to protect your business from losses that could force you to close. What would happen if your business sustained damages due to weather, a liability lawsuit, or a worker’s compensation claim? Without the proper insurance coverage, your business could be on the hook financially to cover those emergencies, and most businesses could not bounce back from that kind of financial blow.

Our agents are available to put together a custom commercial insurance policy for you that suits your business size and your unique needs. Some of the insurance services we offer include business liability coverage, bonds, auto insurance for business vehicles, property insurance, umbrella insurance, and workers compensation insurance.

The right insurance policy for your business will cover you for a multitude of unplanned emergencies:

  • Workers compensation claims
  • Property damage from fire and storms.
  • Injury or accidents occurring on your business premises
  • A legal judgment against your business because of employee injury or death
  • Accidents involving your business vehicles
  • Subcontractor defaults on projects

Reach out online or call Freedom Insurance Group, Inc at 828-432-0001 today to find out how to get the best commercial or business coverage for your company. Don’t let an emergency like the ones listed above force you to close your business.

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